Vision: To publish ground-breaking knowledge that enables social progress.

WaterHill Publishing aims at publishing books and periodicals that:

  • raise provocative questions and propose innovative solutions
  • bridge gaps between theory and practice
  • lead to personal and social change

Our authors are both emergent and established inspirational thought leaders who bring forth provocative and actionable ideas. We are grateful to the many authors who have trusted us since 2014 and are proud to have supported their valuable contributions.

Our Story. WaterHill was founded in 2014 by a group of 'alternative' academics. Many of us were unemployed or precariously employed and still are. We started the press to address some of the issues with the existing academic publishing model, namely a silo approach, long delays, and gatekeeping. Our focus has been to provide a service to researchers and writers, particularly those who are starting their career or who are writing about ideas that are not mainstream. We are proud to be non-profit and independent. At WaterHill, we are miles away from the corporate university ideology supported by publishing conglomerates and multimillion dollars grants. If you are doing something different and struggling to have your voice heard, we are the right fit for you.

We have successfully implemented a new publishing model that focuses on social progress in a multidisciplinary context. We have also moved beyond our initial focus of academic research publishing and expanded into non-fiction and fiction.

For submission instructions, see the contacts page (for book manuscripts) or the periodical page to submit to CrossBridge, WaterHill's multidisciplinary hybrid journal/magazine.